Workplace Culture Guidebook 2021

Overview Of The Workplace Culture Guidebook

The Workplace Culture guidebook is based on a recent study on Workplace Culture, co-sponsored by IHRP and aAdvantage.

Through this guidebook, organisations will gain a better overview of our insights on the local workplace culture experienced by staff today, the desired culture and what it means for organisations going forward.

Study Objectives

To shed light on the current and desired organisation culture

To highlight the role of leadership and HR in culture development

To inspire ownership and action for culture building

Key Findings

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How Was The Study Conducted?

Culture Study Approach

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Values Assessment

Measure organisation culture experienced by HR practitioners (proxy for staff) in their respective organisations.

meetingRound Table

Engage experienced industry practitioners to share their perspectives.





1) Share local findings in comparison with past local and global assessments.

2) Panel dialogue on culture development


For An In-Depth Analysis of the Study Findings and its Methodology,

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